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My Lifetime Bucket List

A while ago, I found a wonderful travel blog that listed a lifetime bucket list, which sparked a sudden light in my brain. I have done so much, and aim to do so much more. Why haven't I made myself a Lifetime Bucket List yet? I have been on some incredible holidays, despite only leaving the UK for the… Continue reading My Lifetime Bucket List

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Sunshine Blogger Award

A great big massive thank you to Jet Set with Jas for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award! I feel so over the moon for being selected for this and knowing that there are people out there that actually read my blog/follow me & support me, even thought it's only been since January 2018 that… Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award

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Mini interview with LittleEllieMae

Plymouth is home to so many fantastic bloggers of all kinds- fashion, lifestyle, beauty and so much more. There are always so many fantastic blogger event opportunities in the city, as an opportunity for local blogger to meet up with other bloggers, whether they be from the city or from further away. One blogger in particular really captivates me in her blog… Continue reading Mini interview with LittleEllieMae