About Me

Hello & Welcome to my blog with a twist!
I am a twenty-two year old illustrator, a UK based blogger, a social media marketer semi-professionally and passionate lover of almost everything!
I live a plant-based life, am a firm believer in change and am big on recycling and reusing as much plastic as we can to stop waste in our waters!
About two magical years ago during the gorgeous Devonshire summer, I got invited to a blogger event where I attended on behalf of Lush Plymouth. There, I got the chance to meet some incredible people who were bloggers themselves, and their happiness and openness inspired me so much that I knew instantly that I wanted to share that with the world, too, but with my own twist. So I decided to take up my own blogging, but replacing most photographs with illustrations!
I write about all the things that I love personally: books, art, fashion, cosmetics, travel and so much more. Photography, cooking and Pinterest dreaming are also big loves in my life. I am a big believer in self love, as you’ll probably see through my posts on all platforms. I’m still working on it myself, so please bare with me and even help me on my own journey!