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Top 5 Suitcase Essentials – Sunshine Edition | Royal Caribbean International

I think we all know an excessive suitcase packer, and admittedly, I am among those who pack for a year getaway just for 1 week. Packing a suitcase is a week build up of washing, organisation and planning, but there are always essentials that make it into my suitcase, no matter what.
Hot countries are, as I’m sure many people will agree’ the best place to vacation to. The freedom of not carrying around a coat and a brollie ‘just in case’ it rains, the feeling of your skin drinking up as much Vitamin D as it can and the overcoming feeling of relaxation and laziness. I am going abroad again this year to Tenerife, the same place and same date as 2018 previously, and I cannot wait to bask in the heat again, and more importantly, to pack my suitcase! (I’m sorry, this blog post should be named ‘The Confessions of a Pack-aholic’.)

Do you struggle to pack a suitcase for a week away? May this post be your guiding key to packing for a sunshine holiday! (Sorry, I’ve been playing way too much Kingdom Hearts III)

What would be the top 10 things you would pack in your suitcase?

(Excluding your passport & holiday info- that stuff is vital!)


1. Suncream & After-sun

soltan2This is a super important key item to have with you on any adventure to hotter countries. You must always remember to apply this before leaving your cabin every morning, and make sure you top it up every hour that you spend in the sun, and take extra care in water and with ‘long lasting protection’ sun creams, as these should still be topped up hourly for safety.
I made the mistake on my first cruise of not topping up. I was 13 at the time and in the phase of ‘my mother knows nothing’, which is the worst phase of them all, because it turns out, my mother knows everything. I burnt so bad across my shoulders that it blistered, and the next day, I burnt over those blisters, and the after sun was absolutely excruciating. Having sunburn like that is very dangerous, so remember, the priority is your safety, not that golden tan!

Some great sun-blocks that I swear by is P20, which you can buy here at Boots. You’ll notice again that this says ‘once a day, 10 hours protection‘, but I honestly apply this every hour and have not burnt my skin in years and still tan gloriously. Just make sure you’re topping up!
There is also Soltan by Superdrug, which can come in many forms- creams, oils and sprays! An excellent choice for those looking for certified cruelty free sun blocks and after-sun, too.

*Top Tip – If you have access to a fridge, store your after-sun there, and you can thank me later 😉


2. A Formal Dress or Two

No matter what, there is always some time for some fancy. Especially if you’re on board a cruise, the formal and semi-formal nights on board are some of the most glamorous night’s I have ever experienced. For the 2 formal nights I went to, I bought myself 2 different dresses, that looked similar to the ones below:

                       (Left) Coast Evelyn Soft Shift Dress – £103.00 from Debenhams
(Right) The Power Foundation Bodycon Dress – £175.00 from Hope 

The Formal night seemed to give off more of a black-and-white-tie evening, which fitted great with my accidental wardrobe of black dresses. As for the Semi-Formal nights, I leaped out of my dresses and into something different! I still kept to the rule of having something roomy and airy, as the air can still be very humid in the evenings, depending on where you go and what time of the year. Here are some similar items that I wore on my semi-formal evenings:

plus-size-black-polka-dot-wrap-jumpsuit                           Black Polka Dot Wrap Jumpsuit – £40.00 on Missguided


i01mc250503w                        Joanna Hope Daisy Jersey Skirt – £22.00 from JDWilliams


pink-batwing-peplum-top-00100018605                        Pink Batwing Peplum Top – £24.99 from Quiz



3. Water Bottle

I am an absolute pain for drinking enough in the sun. Cocktails and Sangria? I’ll make sure to have my fill, but water? I never remember!
So, on my last few trips, I made sure I was taking a reusable water bottle, with me. These can be found every where, and usually a good bottle that doesn’t have a risk of leaking all over the contents of your bag is around £10-£20. This means you can keep on top of hydration, and get this filled up at any café or restaurant on your way!

Chilly’s Tropical Elephant, 500ml Bottle – £25.00 –
Dopper Original Sunshine, 450ml Bottle – £12.50 at Paperchase
Joseph Joseph Turquoise ‘Dot’ Hydration, 600ml Bottle – £12.00 at Debenhams


4. Sunglasses

I mean, these are a must have for being abroad, right? Picking the perfect pair of sunglasses is an annual struggle of mine: they must match outfits, swimsuits but also make me look like the 2013 Tumblr girl of my dreams.
The best non-prescription sunglasses I usually go for are from H&M or New Look, but my prescription glasses are always from Specsavers.


5. Ultrabalm

This is an essential for anyone- whether you’re a curvy girl or not, this balm is rehydration-heaven. This little tub is £9.95 from Lush Cosmetics, and is used on dry skin, chapped or chafed skin, and even to tame eyebrows and eyelashes!
I take this tin of magic almost everywhere with me. I am a big girl with absolutely 0% chance of a thigh gap, which causes quite the dilemma when you want to wear dresses and skirts in the heat. I get super bad chafed skin on my thighs, and I could not recommend this all purpose balm more to anyone who suffers with the same. It’s palm size and made with three simple, hydrating ingredients: Rose Wax, Jojoba Oil and
Candelilla Wax.

lush_ultrabalm_prod                      Image from


Do you have any Suitcase Essentials? Comment them below and share your reasons why!

This post has not been sponsored or endorsed by Royal Caribbean International. 

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