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A Card for Everyone this Valentines Day |

With only 5 days until Valentines Day, I have finally managed to draw up some very last minute cards for my Thortful page. For those of you that are new to Thortful, it is an amazing space for creatives such as myself to post up their greeting card designs. The website and business works much like Moonpig or Funky Pigeon, where you can select from thousands of cards, type a message and get it posted straight to their door without even having to move off of the sofa.

Valentines day is a little bit like Marmite: people either love it, or they hate it. I’m probably among those that dislike Valentines day, too, however, I am a lover through-and-through, and decided a card for anyone, whether it be your mum, your brother or your dog, is often a missed opportunity.
It all started back in university, when I created a set of cards for a live project. I centered the theme of my project around both a wider audience- those who had been through breakups, those who may have just announced their sexuality to friends and family, and those who are even just plain ole’ single. I wanted these cards to come across with humor and a little bit of light, hence, the “Who Need’s Em” cards were born!

Although I was not selected for the live project, I still continued to use these cards, and they are still one of my most popular illustrations 3 years on. During the Plymouth College of Art Summer Show in 2016, I used the print on the above, left, as my free postcard, and they were gone within the first 2/3 days, which I could only take as a good sign! I ended up sending this card to a friend who had recently broken up with their long-term partner, and I also met a member of the public who had picked this up and given it to her friend as a “coming-out-card”! It is such a great feeling to get the reaction you wanted from a project, and I am so glad this is one of my main illustrations, and that I’m still getting kicks out of it even now!

I have been super low recently. My mental health has been on and off at it’s worst for around a year, now, and I have been losing interest in all of my favourite hobbies. A horrible side effect, sadly, however, I am feeling optimistic this week: I have gathered a load of bloggers together to form a Facebook support group, I have been brainstorming ideas for an illustrated book, and I whacked out 7 greeting cards and 2 illustrations! (Very proud of myself right now)
I started brainstorming what other card ideas I could do for anyone and everyone, and I finally came up with a few good ideas: A card being sent from far away (like travelers or someone who has moved away), one for validation and putting a smile on someones face, and another one that gets straight to the point.

I’m not going to lie, I am proper chuffed with these designs. It’s really put me into the creative, illustration mood that I have been missing since University thanks to my oh-so-helpful metal health, but I’m finally feeling inspired to make, and that’s a very good step for me.

So, on Thortful, you can pick, type and send your card to your chosen person(s) all for £3.29 and that includes the postage fee!
You can also get your A5 card sent with chocolate for a grand total of £8.99, or a Chocolate Selection for £10.99.

These cards are not specific to Valentines Day, and will be available for purchase all year round!

Please do not use or copy illustrations without permission.

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