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I was tagged in a post on Facebook in the week for an opportunity to apply for a Social Media Apprenticeship (Apprentice-Ship!), and almost screamed! This could not be a MORE perfect to apply for, and I was absolutely not going to pass on the opportunity, either.


For anyone who didn’t know, going on another cruise is one of my number one dreams. I was VERY lucky to be have been taken on three Caribbean cruises with my Grandparents and 20+ members of my family in 2008, 2011 and 2014, and I was absolutely breath taken with the entire experience of being in the Caribbean and cruising. It took me a good 2 days to get my sea legs the first time, which was hilarious, but I would not have changed a single thing about those holidays. The 3 cruises I have been on have been with P & O on board the beautiful Oceana, Azura and Ventura.
Over the past 3 cruises, I have visited a total of 9 countries within the Caribbean and 16 different islands, experienced a tonne of new things and learnt so much. I have snorkeled with turtles in Barbados, rode the Layou River rapids in Dominica, danced on the Rhum Runner in Grenada, explored the hidden coves of The Virgin Gorda, drank copious amounts of Rum Punch and so much more.



The Royal Caribbean fleet is one to behold, especially with ships that hold the ranks for top 4 largest cruise ships in the world. The largest being Symphony of the Seas, with 18 decks of exploration into a Bionic-Bar, Zip Lines, Water slides, Ice Skating ring, nine restaurants and six bars and so much more. She can hold a massive 6,600 passengers as well as a crew of 2,200! There is even on board theatres, ice shows and live acts on board. Click the link to the ship here for more exploration of her!

SOTS           Image from @officialsymphonyoftheseas via Instagram

Royal Caribbean provide cruise deals for all across the world, and have food, activities and hot spots on board that will please any traveller. They have won the ‘Best Cruise Line Overall’ award with Travel Weekly Readers’ Choice Awards for 16 consecutive years, and the ‘Best Mainstream Cruise Company’ for 11 years running from Globe Travel Awards. They really are about bringing a new innovative approach to cruising with their outstanding line of ships,  their hundreds of hours worth of activity and endless choices of entertainment. On board any of these floating islands, it’s guaranteed to blow you away.


Out of all 25, which ship would you most like to explore?

Finding the right cruise ship for you can be super tricky, especially when you are given 25 different choices. However, there are 24 hours worth of endless entertainment on board each ship, so looking through each ship online and checking out what they have to offer is a great way of seeing what really jump out at you.

If I were going to make my very own cruise ship‘ is a great mind mapping system to find the perfect cruise close enough to your ideal. My perfect ship would have great selection with vegetarian and vegan dining, plenty of fun to be had in the evenings at the on board bars, live music and acts, a variety of themes to suit all, a fitness centre for gym & class lovers, a Spa facility and something for someone with a major sweet tooth, just like me.

I think I’ve fallen in love with Oasis of the Sea. On board, you’ll find all the most magical things: Champagne Bar (who DOESN’T need that?!), karaoke & quiz bars, West End productions (currently CATS the Musical!), Jazz and Latin bars, Aquatheatre, Ice Shows and even Comedy evenings!
She also holds a great deal of technology throughout the ship: the guaranteed best WIFI, touch screen maps to help you to not get lost in the cabin corridors, and a digital planner to plan your day accordingly, which would come in super helpful on Sea Days.
The ship also has a great variety of restaurants, including Sabor, a Spanish themed restaurant service authentic Mexican foods, which can only mean lots of beans, tomatoes and spice, right? I’ve had a sneak peak at this menu, and OH BOY does it look good!

oasis-of-the-seas-1200x675Image taken from Cruise Maven


Where would you most like to visit on your cruise?

I’ve been to the Caribbean three times before, but is it greedy to say that for the fourth? There was honestly nothing like the Caribbean, and I would melt into a puddle of happiness, serenity and wanderlust before recommending it to anyone. When I was there, it felt like the sun was destined to hit my skin like it did, and everything felt normal. As if I had just moved into the most beautiful floating apartment block in the world!

Second to that, I am constantly online-window-shopping for cruises, and would love to cruise around the Mediterranean. I have traveled to the Canary Islands before, but have oh-so much wanted to visit places such as Italy, mainland Spain and Greece. I am a total adventurer and explorer, and would absolutely be all up for visiting landmarks, but wait, a kayaking excursion down a river? I’m totally in!

Close your eyes and count to 10. After you have counted to 10, keep your eyes closed and think about waking up in a cabin, eating a delicious breakfast in bed Via Room Service, and heading off on your first day. You step out on the bridge leading down to the port- picture where you would most want to get off to see.


Why would you be a great candidate for the #ShoreExplorer Apprentice-Ship?

I am always looking for opportunities to travel, to experience more and push my own boundaries. I have a Lifetime Bucket List that I aim to complete and even add to, and I am determined to make the most of the life I have been given!
I am horribly scared of heights, but given the opportunity, I would be totally on board with tree surfing, zip wiring and even the opportunity to do something air-borne!
I have interests over every subject: history, culture, art, nature and so forth, and the opportunity to show the world where I go and what I’m doing seems like a dream come true!

I absolutely LOVE Instagram. This is where I first started ‘blogging’, and where I found my love for sharing my stores and experiences with the world. Its a tiny window into the world of me, and what parts of my life I treasure, love and enjoy sharing!
My main passions are to lifestyle blogging, Vegetarian and Vegan foods, travelling & exploring in and could of the UK, and creativity. I also enjoy turning these passions and loves into illustrations, and that’s when my part-illustrative blog was born! I started this off in my Illustration degree, and it has really taken me onto a whole new journey of what I enjoy to do and how I want my blog to go. While my Instagram remains mainly photographic, my WordPress blog is a mix of the two!

I aspire to continue building my experience up with Social Media in hopes it will land me somewhere wonderful one day. I have worked for one of the best high street stores, Lush Cosmetics, and helped man their social events and social media there until I left in July 2018 to move away, and I still run my old therapists social media accounts, too, with promise for more opportunities like this. This apprentice-ship will grant a whole new door to what life in social media can be like, how to build my career and where to go from next. I have a ‘can-do’ attitude pretty much all of the time, and can promise good company!


Keep your eyes peeled for more blog posts around Royal Caribbean, as a main feature for the next couple of weeks. If you have any recommendations for weekly/monthly features for the future, or post themes surrounding Royal Caribbean, comment below your ideas!

Want to know more on what Cruise Holidays are all about? Head over to Jet Set With Jas and step into wonder with P&O, Disney and Princess Cruises!

This post has not been sponsored or endorsed by Royal Caribbean.


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  1. I’ve always been curious about cruise holidays! I met with CLIA last week and they gave us so much insight into the world of cruising and the variety of entertainment on offer. And then I saw your review. It’s a sign!!!

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