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Cocktail Master Class | Slug & Lettuce

Wow, it has been a long while since I last posted on here! I have made it my official Mid-January New Years Resolution to make more of an effort with posting more onto my blog rather than JUST on my Instagram, so, here I am!

Just before Christmas, I was very kindly invited to a bloggers night with Slug and Lettuce Colchester to attend a Cocktail Making Masterclass. Who could say no to that?
Being new to Colchester, I was naturally apprehensive about not knowing anyone, but as anyone knows me well enough, I  talk to literally everyone, so I hurried to an event I was already late to, and had the best evening with the loveliest people.



For those that are not familiar with Slug & Lettuce’s Cocktail School Packages, let me give you a quick run down. There are three different schools to pick from: Sparkling, The Original and Something For The Boys. The class I attended was The Original, which included a welcome glass of prosecco on arrival, the choice to make 2 of 5 cocktails (or in my case, three), a buffet to share with your group (Or you can upgrade to a 2/3 course meal for a super special evening!), and a rally of either a Jager, Skittle or Glitter bombs!

The Sparkling Cocktail School is super popular among brides-to-be, birthday celebrations and anyone that loves a good glass of bubbly! Pick 2 of 6 prosecco-based cocktails to make and enjoy, a buffet/meal and some bombs to finish off the night! Definitely got my eye on this one!

The ‘Something For The Boys’ Cocktail School is a great class for stag-do’s, birthdays & celebrations, or for anyone that is a big fan of whiskys. Pick 2 our of the 5 cocktails to make on the evening, followed by a buffet/meal, and topped off with a bomb rally of your choice!

Prices on these do vary, however, you can find all the information for this on the website!


We started the evening (after drinking several glasses of prosecco) with a Rumberry Mojito, which was absolutely amazing! [insert 300 love heart emoji’s here]. This was definitely my favourite of the evening, and contained Bacardi Carta Blanca white rum, Chambord black raspberry liqueur, mint, crushed limes and pomegranate juice!
There is no comparing how this tasted- it was sweet but not too sweet, with the perfect level of sharpness from the lime. It was great being able to see how the barman actually prepared this himself- so professional! I’m more of a throw-it-in-and-hope-for-the-best cocktail maker, which usually ends up with someone crying and someone throwing up. Or perhaps both, who knows. Anyway, here is what cocktail #1 looked like:


Second on the masterclass schedule was a classic Cosmopolitan (Cosmo), a cocktail of Smirnoff Red Label vodka, Chambord Black Raspberry liqueur and pineapple juice. This was a first time try for me, let alone creating the entire cocktail myself, but it was actually really lovely! I think I may have put a tiny bit too much vodka in it, but it was certainly as classy as I hoped it would be. Not to mention thoroughly enjoying using the cocktail shakers for this one in particular.


And last but not least, and certainly not the last drop of alcohol I drank that evening, was the Bramble Cocktail, a very close favourite to the Rumberry Mojito. This little delight was a gorgeous mix of Tanqueray Gin, lemon juice and blackberry liqueur, and tasted absolutely incredible. I am a HUGE fan of gin at the moment, and this just made my taste buds sing! Zingy, sweet and just an


After drinking far too much, we had a buffet to share between us. The best part? There was a big hot dish of Camembert cheese, and I was totally living for that. The food was absolutely amazing, and varied for both vegetarian and non-veggies. Not much in terms for vegan food, but I’m sure this could be catered to upon request on booking.

I had the honor of meeting some amazing new people, including Luke & his good friend Emma. Luke is an interior stylist & lifestyle blogger, with the most beautiful Instagram account. Go and check him out at @lukearthurwells!
The whole evening was fantastic- a little messy, with a very much unwanted Wednesday morning hangover, however, totally worth it. I would recommend the Cocktail Schools to everyone and am planning on booking another with some friends from work, too!


A massive thank you to the Slug and Lettuce – Colchester, Essex team, and to Stonegate Pubs for arranging such a great evening. Long story short, I have never sang karaoke with such passion.

Making Cocktails At Home:

So, I went back home for New Years and trialed this myself with my sister, and it was hilarious, but very yummy.
First things first- you’ll need a cocktail making kit. These are super easy to buy, and in the right places, super cheap.

The best price I found for the full set was at Asda for £16.00, and this includes a shaker, twisty spoon, muddler, strainer and a double ended jigger for measuring (who needs measuring on New Years Eve, though?!).

If you’re feeling fancy AF, John Lewis currently have a white marble Shaker & Tumbler set reduced to £40.00 from £70.00, or Not On The High Street have the most amazing mermaid-metallic shaker set, and my crow-senses are kicking in so bad. MUST. HAVE. SHINY. THINGS!









Me and my sister, Beth, decided to make two different cocktails: A Raspberry Voddy-jito, inspired by my evening at Slug & Lettuce, and a Smirnoff Screwdriver.

They were SUPER yum, but please remember to always drink responsibly, and ensure you take valid and legal ID to any store to purchase and consume any alcohol. 


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