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BA Illustration Show’18, University of Plymouth

My favourite time of year: the degree shows! Seems like only yesterday that I was in my own degree show, but that was in 2016!
Since I was in college, I have loved going to the open shows, illustration being my main priority of choice, and year after year they never fail to amaze me.

Illustration at the University of Plymouth is so broad: it’s commercial, self led and experimental over a range of medias. You can really see that the students there are lead commercially in their briefs with specific clients in mind, a refined audience and targeted market, which I really admire. Walking around, you can really see what audiences that the artists are targeting their work to, which I loved!

Here are some of my favourites from the show:

James Kellaway






Sophie Mahadevan






Maia Scott




I would really recommend you go and see it if you have any spare time! The BA Illustration show is located in the Roland Levinski Building on the first floor of the University of Plymouth!

Best Wishes,


“There’s a million things I haven’t done, just you wait.” -Lin-Manuel Miranda, Hamilton: An American Musical

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