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Hamilton: An American Musical

Okay, so there is a 99% chance I’m crying while writing this post on the best day of my entire life, and I’m not even sorry about it.

For my Birthday, I went to London with my friend, Tori, and we finally got to see Hamilton together! Tori first got me hooked on the soundtrack in 2016, where I took it to the gym and spent the whole first act on the cross trainer. Not because I’m fit and healthy, but because I lost track of time and LOVE EVERY SECOND OF IT.
We freaked out in October of 2017, and bought tickets the SECOND they were released at midday, and we managed to get ourselves some amazing seats in the ground floor stalls!

For those that are reading this, and are asking themselves ‘what on Earth is she talking about’, Hamilton is the most passionate, emotional roller-coaster that you will ever take.
It is a multi-racial rap musical written by Lin-Manuel Miranda about the founding father of America, Alexander Hamilton, incorporating rhythm & blues, hip-hop, pop & soul music as well as traditional-style show tunes.  It was all inspired by the biography written by Ron Chernow in 2004.
Hamilton has been on Broadway since 2016, but Victoria Palace Theater opened their doors to the show in December 2017, and sold out almost instantly.


I cannot stop thinking about how fantastic it all was: The cast, the songs, the costumes, the set, the voices. EVERYTHING. I loved every second of Hamilton, and I need more!
Every expectation was absolutely smashed, and I could not be happier!

Here is a listing of the fabulous cast that took part in Tuesday 15th May’s 7pm showing:

Alexander Hamilton – Ash Hunter

Eliza Hamilton – Rachelle Ann Go

Arron Burr – Sifiso Mazibuko

John Laurens/Philip Hamilton – Cleve September

George Washington – Obioma Ugoala

Angelica Schuyler – Rachel John

Lafayette/Thomas Jefferson – Jason Pennycooke

Hercules Mulligan/James Maddison – Tarinn Callender

King George – Michael Jibson

Peggy Schuyler/Maria Reynolds – Christine Allado



Curtis Angus

Johnny Bishop

Leslie Garcia Bowman

Courtney Mae Briggs

Jack Butterworth

Gregory Haney

Leah Hill

Barney Hudson

Phoebe Liberty

Alexzandra Sarmiento

For more information, visit

Every single cast member was incredible- their passion for the show was so clear, and the emotion was so well done! And the comedy was great- subtle but super effective!
Michael Jibson had me in absolute stitches, Cleve September made me cry more than I’ve ever cried in my life, and The Schuyler Sisters had me feeling like a QWEEN, WORK!

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