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Hamlet at the Theatre Royal Plymouth

Last week, me and Cam went to see my very first live Shakespeare performance: Hamlet!
Cam is always quoting Shakespeare at me, so it only seemed right that we go and see a live performance together! He told me just before Christmas that the Royal Shakespeare Company were coming to Theatre Royal Plymouth for one week with the performance of Hamlet, so I seized the opportunity and bought him the tickets as a Christmas Present (Which worked out well for me- Cam is so difficult to buy for!).

I didn’t really know what to expect. What I did expect was a like-for-like, 1600 remake like the Tempest Film from 1980. What I got instead, was so much better.
The Royal Shakespeare Company produced this amazing modern twist on Hamlet, introducing the traditional age of the play itself yet bringing in a modern-day production.
The whole concept was incredible, and I was far from disappointed with my first Shakespeare experiance!

Paapa Essiede is an incdredible actor, who’s rolse as Hamlet absolutely captivated me. The raw emotion that was exposed throughout the performance was addictive, and left you craving so much more.

It was bizzare to see something so traditional in text, yes so modern in props- for example, the script to the performance was as true to the origonal text as I could have imagined, yet, the costume design consisted of not frocks and fills, but track suit bottoms and beanie hats. The use of guns were also apart of this modern design, which was a really clever twist to add in, too.

Overall, I absolutely loved my time at Theatre Royal Plymouth with RSC, and am very excited to see what else might be in the future!

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