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Bloggers Brunch: Rumpus Cosy, Plymouth

I have been dying to visit Rumpus Cosy for so long, that when Ellie said she was back from university for a few days and suggested brunch there, I almost squealed.
Rumpus Cosy is the cutest little regal-vintage bistro you’ll ever see- they even have their own goldfish!

Rumpus Cosy is part of the Radiant Gallery situated next door – a contemporary space for exhibitors and shows. There was a dog show exhibition on when we went, which I unfortunately missed out on peaking at!
I loved that the Bistro looked almost like a well organised vintage furniture shop: the chairs at the table were each different to the next, the tables old and worn and there was a small seating area of mix’n’match sofas, too. There were even a row of four ex-cinema row of folded seats against a wall facing a table! The entire room was like it had been taken straight from a vintage inspired Pinterest page!

It was so nice to see Ellie, Tori and Emily: it was nice to be able to do a spontaneous brunch before I went to work for the day, and I have heard so many good things about Rumpus’s food. I had the veggie breakfast, which I was about 99% sold on when I saw it came with avocado (hipster to the max, sorry guys). Even through all of this, I was seriously eyeing up Ellie’s delicious pancakes…


I really want to start keeping a good track on some quirky little bistros and café’s – I always visit them and never remember where they are or what they were called.
If you have any to recommend, comment below and let me know!


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