Halloween on Pinterest

Halloween on Pinterest is one big goal in itself. There are endless ideas from costume ideas to decorating your home, but if it’s anything that catches my attention the most, it’s the amount of awesome Halloween make-up tutorials.
Now, just to make it clear, I don’t mean unzipping flesh-face makeup art or painting your face like a creepy doll, which is utterly terrifying and talented all at the same time. I mean magical, mystical and gorgeous makeup tutorials: Girls that look like living nebula’s and galaxies. Being a lover of all things space, I fell in love almost instantly.

Images found on Pinterest

I think these makeup tutorials have been taken from a lovely illustrator called ‘Qinni’ Qing Han, who created the image in the bottom middle, above. Her word is absolutely gorgeous, and it glows with every illustration she does. I’m super envious of her work, but I’m also super happy that it gives me inspiration. 
I could be wrong- Qing may have been inspired by the makeup tutorials, also! Pinterest is a wonderful place for inspiration.

I took these images and instantly got inspired. I was actually procrastinating whilst trying to complete the first chapter of my book, but as soon as I saw the makeup tutorials, I just put it all aside and began to draw for the first time since I finished university in July! 


Still a bit rusty, but I actually really enjoyed making these. Also dug out my old gold gouache paint, which I absolutely went to town with. 
The first image I have actually developed on and finished with some white stars and constellations. I have uploaded them to my Instagram, too!

I think I might have to try this for Halloween- being my own illustrations. I love that face paint so much!

Keep your eyes pealed for more- I’m also loving the day of the dead makeup and witchy costumes!

Best Wishes,

Lorna 🙂

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