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Bloggers Brunch: Seco Lounge, Royal William Yard

Happy Sunday!

October is getting colder and colder every day, which is great news for me- I can dust off my bobble hats and cosy scarves! I bought this particular scarf from St Luke’s Charity shop a few weeks ago; at first, I thought it was so awful. But I somehow found myself outside the shop with the scarf in a bag with a receipt, and I just fell in love. I mean, who wouldn’t want a scarf with all things autumnal?

I’ve been so excited for this bloggers brunch for so long! I’ve never actually been to Seco Lounge, so this was an exciting first experience, and what better way to do it at brunch and with some amazing friends! 
Royal William Yard is absolutely gorgeous- if you ever find yourself in Plymouth, the Yard should be an absolute must-see! It’s pristine, light and so spacious it’s almost impossible to stop yourself from leaping and running like a kid. There’s a scenic ferry that runs from Plymouth’s Barbican for about £3.00 each way, you can find the timetable here!
I was an early bird and arrived 20 minutes early, but 10 minutes later, I found Alice (Wooden Window Sills) sitting by the front door of Seco Lounge! 

Seco Lounge interior was café goals for sure: the cosy, warm rustic look was so welcoming and cute. Everything was more or less wooden, with old cooking machinery decorating the window sills and the kitchen being in perfect view from where you’re sitting. It wasn’t overly busy, either, which gave us the chance to get a bigger table for all 10 of us!

The menu was near impossible to chose from. It was only 10am and it took everything in me not to look at the full menu and order one of everything! I ended up settling with what sounded like utter delight: Chorizo Hash. It was quarters of chorizo and fried potatoes, covered in a chilli tomato sauce and topped with a fried egg and watercress! I also had a creamy hot chocolate, poured so that there was a cute pattern on the top!


Overall, my first time experience of Seco Lounge was absolutely 10/10! I think food could make any place amazing, but Seco Lounge hasn’t got a single flaw: The service was amazing, the food and drink was amazing and the atmosphere was amazing! Triple whammy!

Enjoy your evening, guys!

Best wishes,

Lorna 🙂

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