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Mini interview with LittleEllieMae

Plymouth is home to so many fantastic bloggers of all kinds- fashion, lifestyle, beauty and so much more. There are always so many fantastic blogger event opportunities in the city, as an opportunity for local blogger to meet up with other bloggers, whether they be from the city or from further away. One blogger in particular really captivates me in her blog posts- she is a fantastic fashion and lifestyle blogger with a passion of social networking, bringing people together and being gorgeously happy: LittleEllieMay 🙂 Ellie is a fantastic blogger- she keeps people up to date with the most fabulous buys, her theatre life and daily life, and I really admire her enthusiasm to blog. Ellie is holding a blogger networking event in May, and has held one last year, too, which was very successful! I wanted to feature Ellie because of what she does and how she does it, which is why I contacted her and asked her a few questions…

With the spring of 2016 comes a refresh to fashion- what are your fashion expectations for spring 2016?
Spring is my favourite time for fashion! I always sway towards the typical spring pastel and floral trends… I can never get enough! But this year I’m experimenting with more vintage style- I’m wearing a lot of monochrome and red so far this season, I can definitely see this becoming a staple style for me.

What is your ideal springtime wardrobe and why? A wardrobe of pastels! My baby pink coat is my go-to fashion piece this time of year. I love lots of dresses and skirts this time of year too.

Which clothing store can you never pull yourself out of?Most shops..! I would say that I spend the most time in Topshop though (and Zara whenever I can get to Exeter!)

Who is your biggest inspiration behind your fashion sense?I take inspiration from so many people… I have a Pinterest board of all my favourite styles ( and I love Alexa Chung and Taylor Swift’s styles but I also take a lot of inspiration from other bloggers and just general street style!

Beauty and make-up plays a huge part in the changing of trends and seasons, too- What are your top 5 recommended beauty products? My Rimmel London Kate Moss 107 lipstick is my essential beauty product! I wear red lipstick a lot and this colour compliments so many looks. I have recently discovered Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner which I love. Soap & Glory Glow All Out face powder helps give the skin a gorgeous healthy glow. A good cleanser like Biore Charcoal Pore Minimiser and Bio- Oil moisturiser are essential too!

How do you keep up to date on fashion trends? Do you have any recommendable websites or magazines that you follow?
I follow SO many blogs! My favourite high- profile ones are probably In The Frow, Lucy & Lydia, The Lovecats Inc, Lily Pebbles and Vivianna Does Makeup. But I adore less well known blogs just as much, if not more: I adore some of my friend’s blogs like Sleek Chic Blog, Milly DayDreams and Elle Simpson.  My favourite magazine is Grazia who show both high street and high end looks. But even just scrolling through Twitter and Instagram constantly is enough inspiration for me… I follow so many awesome stylists!

Write a paragraph about yourself and your experience with fashion and beauty!

I’ve always been interested in what I wear- even as a little girl at Primary School I would spend days looking for the perfect outfit for a school disco or mufti day. I was brought up in a family of entirely girls in which we all loved shopping, so naturally I adopted the fashion gene too! I’ve especially always had a love for vintage clothes as my Mother and Grandma have always taken me along to vintage fairs around the South West so I really appreciate retro styles.. I started a blog when I was about 14 because I wanted to express my style, but I was too shy to do so in real life. I kept it up as my style seemed to attract readers and 4 years later and its still going strong! A highlight for me was when I worked at Style Magazine at The Sunday Times in 2013 where I had an amazing insight to the fashion industry as I sorted out stunning designer clothes for a fashion shoot with Daisy Lowe! I’d love to do more within the fashion industry in coming years. I’m a complete shopaholic – as cliche as it sounds, I really see fashion as an art form and an outlet for expression!

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