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Lush Favourites!

When it comes to beauty products and haircare, I will always turn to Lush Cosmetics. Being a member of staff, it’s been such an eye-opening experience to learn about all the different things more in depth than what I knew as a customer.

I shop with Lush for many reasons: they’re against and actively fighting animal testing, they have a huge variety of fair trade, organic and fresh (sometimes all at once!) products that are kinder to sensitive skin and help maintain the natural properties of the skin and much more. They also have many ethics that I find comforting and so important, like the fact everything is handmade and lot of the Lush products are naked products, for example, the bath-bombs are all naked products because they aren’t wrapped in a pre-wrapped packaging!
A lot of people are baffled by what Lush actually sell, apart from their world-known handmade bath-bombs and bubble bars. Lush also sell into other departments, such as haircare, shower products, teeth, facial cleansing and so much more. From this, I plan to bring awareness to all the quirky and unknown products of Lush that are 100% worth a try!
My first product I would love to enthuse about is Lush’s Gorilla Perfume range. The perfumes are unlike anything I have ever smelt in other perfume shops- there isn’t a single scent that I would say is close to any other.
One of my favourites being Karma: Made from a beautiful blend of patchouli oil, lemongrass, pine oil and oranges, this beautiful perfume really brings out the summer for me. I like to wear this in the sunshine and be reminded of the happy scent that comes with it.
The perfumes in Lush are absolutely worth their money- with a scent as strong as Karma is, you really only need 1 spritz to last you the whole day, and for a 10ml bottle (as shown above), you’ll get a good use out of it. The 10ml bottles vary with which perfume you go with, but Karma 10ml is a fantastic £14.00! You can also get solid perfumes: they are solidified into what looks like a lip balm tin. Not as strong as the liquid form, but half the price and perhaps longer lasting, too.
Personally, I prefer the bottles- the scent is much more potent and lingers on the skin for almost all of the day.
Going back to Lush’s ethics, I found a particular interest in a product in store that had a real hard hitting background to it. And that product is the Peace massage bar. For those that aren’t too familiar with the massage bars, they are solid bars of body moisturiser, made completely of cocoa butter and other ingredients to cater the products needs and expectations.
Peace massage bar is made from fair trade Colombian cocoa butter, made by the peace community in North-West Colombia. There, Lush Peace Pioneers help keep the community safe and help with the growth of fairly traded products.
I found Peace to be a lot better for a gentle moisturise than the others- not that they aren’t great too, which they are! But Peace is definitely one of my favourites- it smells rich and comforting, the feel afterwards is silky smooth, and the handiness of popping it in and out of a tin is fantastic. You can also find Fair Trade Colombian Cocoa Butter in other products such as Butterball bath-bomb and Charity Pot body cream.
The good thing about these massage bars, too, is that they hold roughly the same contents as a pot of cream- again, with a smashing price. Peace massage bar costs £6.95, which, for something that will last you for over a few months, is fantastic!
The last product I would love to mention is the beautiful Guardian’s of the Forest bath-bomb!
Exclusive to Oxford Street, online and The Experimenter gift, this gorgeous ballistic is worth it!
It’s fragranced with Oakmoss absolute, which is gorgeously earthy.  You also have the rosewood oil which is a fantastic anti-septic and cypress oil which is a super calming scent.
Personally, this really comforted me on a long day- the scent is earthly, it’s grounding and most of all, it’s really relaxing. Like sitting in a Spring/Summertime field with freshly cut grass and tall trees. The scent is very different to any other bath-bomb I have smelt in the past- it’s freshness exceeds itself.
The colours and pattern on the outside are fantastic! It puts on a proper show, too!
If you’re ever by Oxford Street, pick one up! If you’re online, pop it in your basket! If you get The Experimenter gift…then you’re being spoilt rotten 😉
An absolute must-have recommendation!

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